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Utah's 1st Adult Autism Center

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

First Of Its Kind ~ The Adult Autism Center Seeks To Provide Hands-On Training Focused On Daily Living & Vocational Skills ~

The Adult Autism Center will strive to fulfill an unmet need in the community by serving adults ages 18 and older with autism and other developmental disabilities, specifically those who have complex needs. They will provide resources for adults with autism who are in need of socialization, recreation, development, and involvement. The center will help and assist individuals with ASD to acquire the necessary skills for daily living (culinary, fitness, medical and dental, etc.). Additionally, this center will serve these individuals in academics, vocational training, reading, and other autism-specific programs. All of our programs utilize ABA therapy to best grow each and every one of our students. Every staff member is highly trained to incorporate this type of therapy based on scientific findings, care for each individual, and assist them whenever needed.

If you have a friend or family member who could benefit from these adult services. Please fill out a referral form today ~

First Adult Autism Center In Utah Announced ~

Guest Opinion: Address The Critical Need For Adult Autism Services In Utah ~

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