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The ACU is comprised of voluntary members, has virtually no overhead, and is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. Please donate now and help us build support for our many families in Utah who are affected by Autism. Your gift will help support awareness, education, programs, research, and other autism related services in the State of Utah.

Support the ACU today! All cash donations are tax-deductible.  Donate by mail, online, or in person, information below.

You can also support the ACU by purchasing the Autism Awareness License Plate.

Children are like butterflies in the wind, some can fly higher than others, but they all do the best they can.  Each one is different, each one is special, each one is beautiful.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to help each child reach their full potential.


**IMPORTANT INFORMATION** The Autism Council of Utah has been informed by supporters that they have been solicited for donations from an organization identifying itself as an Autism school or center. They have implied that they work with Valley Behavioral Health, or the Autism Council of Utah. THEY DO NOT. The ACU does not use an outside group or authorize any other group to raise money on our behalf through direct phone calls, or soliciting in front of stores. In addition, the ACU does not ever use automated calling to solicit donations. If you would like to make a donation to the ACU, please do so through this secure donation page.


Thank you for your interest in membership in the Autism Council of Utah! Active members are the foundation of the Autism Council. Members may serve on committees where their interests and expertise lie and attend Council meetings. They receive updates and news, share and distribute information with agencies and communities, and represent the ACU at public events. There are no membership fees to join, and your active participation helps shape the future of the Autism community in Utah.

What benefits will you receive as a member?

By becoming a member you will receive information about updates on research, activities, Autism programs and initiatives in the state. Not only will you receive these great updates, you can also be a part of directing the future of autism in Utah. Join today by filling out the simple form below!

Please email the following information

  • First Name:

  • Last Name:

  • Email:

  • Agency/Organization:

  • City:

  • State:

  • Phone:

  • Role:


What is your area of interest in Autism?


What can you contribute to the Autism Council of Utah?


Please tell us about your vision for people with Autism in Utah.


If you are associated with an agency or organization, how does the mission relate to the mission of the Autism Council of Utah?


What committees are you interested in participating in?


Thank you!

Autism Council of Utah

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The Autism Council of Utah

780 Guardsman Way

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

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The Autism Council of Utah

780 Guardsman Way

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

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