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The Autism Council of Utah

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Educational, Autism Friendly

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Latest News

“The word “autism” still conveys a fixed and dreadful meaning to most people—they visualize a child mute, rocking, screaming, inaccessible, cut off from human contact. And we almost always speak of autistic children, never of autistic adults, as if such children never grew up, or were somehow mysteriously spirited off the planet, out of society.” 

Temple Grandin

Upcoming Events

  • ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts
  • Utah Family Voices ~ Healthy Transitions
  • 2nd Annual Utah Disability Advocacy Day!
  • Salt Lake County Family to Family Network is hosting an ONLINE workshop
  • Growth Mindset presented by URLEND
  • Motivational Interviewing Training
  • Transition from School to Adult Life - Granite
  • UVU ~ Annual Autism Conference ~ Seeking Connection, Building Community
  • Keeping Students with Disabilities Save from Bullying - Granite
  • 504 vs. IEP: What's the Difference?
  • Summer Fun Panel - Granite
    Granite School District
  • TBD
    Generations Conference 2021 ~ All Abroad!
    Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Cree
  • TBD
    Save The Date ~ Generations 2020
    Salt Palace Convention Center

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Please take a look at our resource page.  If you can not find what you are looking for or have additional questions we can be reached at:

Address:  Autism Council of Utah
780 Guardsman Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108


Email: autismcouncilofutah@gmail.com

This website is supported by funds generously received from the Utah Autism Specialty Plate grant fund.

Please contact Jessica Kerr ourworld.jessicakerr@yahoo.com if you would like to be added to our resources or find any misinformation.

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