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2018 ACU Annual ~ Looking Back, Moving Forward

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ACU Grants Funded 2017 - 2018

1/3/2017    The Children’s Center — Funds to assist low to moderate income families who are receiving Autism Services. The Children’s Center provides services on a sliding fee scale based on federal poverty guidelines.

1/11/2017    Matt’s Place - Lifelong Skills Foundation, Inc. — Funds will be used to develop Emotional Regulation Group. This group is based on principles of DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) intended for adolescents and their parents. It combines psychoeducational, CBT and experiential therapeutic principles. 

1/11/2017    Columbus Community Center - Digibility — Digitability teaches marketable, digital life skills to promote independence for students with autism in a technology driven society and economy.

2/22/2017    Utah Valley University - Passages Program — Utilized to extend Passages capacity to serve more individuals and to offer personalized and autism specific support for students pursuing higher education at Utah Valley University.

2/22/2017    Handstand for G.O.A.L.S — A free two-day soccer camp for children ages 3-12 on the autism spectrum. Each child is assigned a youth volunteer to accompany them throughout both days of the camp. Funds are used for t-shirts, soccer balls for each child to keep, reinforcers, stickers, snacks, prizes, equipment, water bottles, backpacks, and lunch for volunteers.

2/22/2017    HOME Program/ Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic — Funds used to Introduce a trained therapy dog to the U of U HOME Program and ASDC will help create a safe, calm environment and facilitate therapeutic interactions between clients and providers. 

2/22/2017    Westminister College — NeuroDiversity Week.

4/12/2017    National Ability Center — Funds will be used to provide scholarships to individuals with ASD and their family members to participate in NAC mobile programming. Mobile programs include off-campus activities such as indoor/outdoor rock climbing, river-rafting, paddle boarding, camping, and more. These off-campus activities provide a range of challenges to match the variety of abilities found on the autism spectrum and can encourage individuals with autism to improve and strengthen communication and social skills

5/10/2017    Cycle Ability — Special Needs Bike Camp

5/10/2017    A New View Counseling — Funds will be used to implement the Secret Agent Society social skills program for children ages 8-14. The course consists of a core 9-week group therapy program plus two additional sessions for follow-up, as well as two follow up sessions, one at 30 days after completion, and another at 90 days. 

5/10/2017    Sahara Cares — Sahara Cares Autism Carnival. 

7/12/2017    Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic (ASDC) — Employment group. 

7/12/2017    Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic (ASDC) — Autism Lego League Team (9-14yos).


7/18/2017    Wasatch County School District — Expansion of a popular social skills instruction program involving an evidence-based curriculum (Superhero Social Skills) and the incorporation of a Lego Tournament.


8/9/2017    Toybox Treatments — These funds will go directly to benefit approximately 60 kids annually ages 0-3 through DDI Early Intervention, 43 students with Autism in the Duchesne County School District, and 66 students with Autism at the Uintah School District. 


8/9/2017    Northern Utah Autism Program — A 27 inch roll laminator, 6 kids kore wobble chairs and 3 runtz ball chairs. 


8/15/2017    Valley Behavioral Health — Funds will be used to develop a vocational training program including volunteer opportunities and internships for individuals with autism spectrum disorder in a day treatment program. 


8/15/2017    Utah State Developmental Center — Funds used to create and maintain a sensory Snoezelen Multi Sensory room.


8/15/2017    Kidstar Summer Camp for Children — Funds will be used to purchase a van for the summer camp. 

9/12/2017    Granite School District — provide monthly trainings throughout the school year to approximately 20 families who have school-aged students (preschool, elementary, and secondary) with autism spectrum disorder. 


12/11/2017    Autism Resources of Utah County Council — Uplifting Celebration for Autism Balloon Launch.


12/11/2017    Utah Higher Education Autism Program (UHEAP) — The purpose of this study is to identify the strengths, needs, and challenges for Utah young adults with autism and their families in relation to pursuing postsecondary education. 


12/11/2017    Canyons School District — Funds used in conjunction with a generous ½ donation from the CoughDrop company, to purchase 25 CoughDrop communication apps which will benefit 25 students in the Canyons School District who are low- or nonverbal. 


1/29/2018    Easter Seals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain — Wiggly Worm Sensory Processing class, a unique class for children ages 3-6 and their caregivers, taught by a trained occupational therapist to help parents learn specific techniques and tools to help children manage their sensory needs and responses to various sensory in-put.

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