ACU 2020 Teacher of the Year

Congrats to our 2020 Educator of the Year Lorie Coates! In her nomination letter she was described as an Octopus, as she is so good at juggling many important things without letting anything drop. Lorie is committed to the students as well as the special education teachers.

"Her skills in building relationships makes her a critical part of every team. Lorie’s best trait is that she does not shy away from new challenges. She is eager to learn innovative technology, contribute to projects, and share her knowledge in a constructive manner."

We are proud to honor Lorie, even tho we were unable to host an annual meeting, as our Jocelyn Taylor Educator of the Year! Thanks Lorie for being an outstanding educator to our kids who have autism.

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ACU 2020 Teacher of the year.jpg
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